Kang Ha-neul to visit Hong Kong for "Midnight Runners"

Korean heartthrob Kang Ha-neul will visit Hong Kong at the end of August!

A representative from film distribution company, Deltamac (HK) Co. Ltd confirmed that Kang Ha-neul will attend the gala premiere of "Midnight Runners" on August 28. The event will take place at 7 pm at Metroplex EMax in Kowloon Bay. Director Kim Joo Hwan will also participate at the gala.


The action comedy will be released on August 31 with Korean audio and subtitles in English and Chinese, as shown in the teaser below:

This will be Kang Ha-neul's third visit to Hong Kong for movie promotions tied up with Deltamac (HK) Co. Ltd, the official distributor of all his films released in the country. The first was in August 2014 for "Mourning Grave" and it was followed by the promotions for "Twenty" in June 2015, where he came with director Lee Byeong-heon-I.

Kang Ha-neul for "Mourning Grave" promotions in August 2014. Photo credits to Deltamac (HK) Co. Ltd.

"Midnight Runners" tells about the story of two police academy students (Kang Ha-neul and Park Seo-joon) who get involved in a kidnapping case that they witnessed one evening. The movie, which was released locally on August 9 is currently enjoying the number 2 spot in the box office. According to the Korean Film Council database,  as of August 17, the movie reached 3.2 million admissions and earned $22,125,439 which is way above its production budget of $6.13 million.


By Riversky