MBC Drama Awards 2019 Nominees

MBC Drama Awards 2019 nominees for the 2019/12/30 ceremony presented by Kim Sung-joo and Han Hyejin.

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Best Drama

"Partners for Justice Season 2" (Directed by Noh Do-cheol and written by Jo Won-gi, Min Ji-eun)

"One Spring Night" (Directed by Ahn Pan-seok and written by Kim Eun)

"Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung" (Directed by Han Hyun-hee, Kang Il-soo and written by Kim Ho-soo)

"Extraordinary You" (Directed by Kim Sang-hyeob and written by in Ji-hye, Song Ha-young)

"Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo" (Directed by Park Won-gook and written by Kim Ban-di)


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Best Couple

Shin Se-kyungCha Eun-woo for "Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung"

Han Ji-minJung Hae-in for "One Spring Night"

Kim Dong-wookKim Kyung-nam for "Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo"

Jung Jae-youngNo Min-woo for "Partners for Justice Season 2"

Lim Ji-yeonRain for "Welcome 2 Life"

RowoonKim Hye-yoonLee Jae-wook for "Extraordinary You"


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