"Night Light" Lee Yong-won and UEE behind the scenes

Lee Yo-won and UEE have contrasting expressions in the pictures. In the picture, Lee-kyeong takes a liking to Se-jin who has done her work well and meets her again to give her a bigger mission. This scene was released previously in the teaser in which Lee Kyeong introduced herself and asked Se-jin, "Ask yourself if you want to be me, even for a little while".

Lee Yo-won has UEE standing in front of the mirror and is holding a red dress in front of her. UEE seems to be deep in thought with the dress in front of her. However, Lee Yo-won is smiling as if she's reading UEE's thoughts on wanting to spread out her passion. UEE recognizes something deep inside of her that is about to erupt.

Lee Kyeong knows that Se-jin and her are alike as soon as she meets her. Se-jin is drawn by Lee Kyeong's aura at once and that's how they meet. Lee Kyeong seduces Se-jin and teaches her to be her persona and Se-jin takes her hand.

"Night Light" is directed by Lee Jae-dong and written by Han Ji-hoon. The first episode can be seen on the 21st this month.

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