Park Sung-joon to Star in "Run On" With Im Si-wan

Actor Park Sung-joon is starring in "Run On".


The new JTBC drama "Run On" is a romance drama in which people living in different worlds communicate in their own languages and "Run On" towards love in an era when they have difficulty communicating using the same Korean language. It will tell the story of the characters who lived in different worlds meeting and growing through each other, or breaking the framework of locking themselves up, influencing and loving each other. The line-up includes Im Si-wan, Shin Se-kyung, Choi Soo-young, Kang Tae-oh and others. Park Sung-joon appears as a track-and-field national athlete named Kwon Yeong-il.

Kwon Yeong-il is the No. 1 in the Korean rankings in name and reality, who has absolute support from track and field fans. He is the winner, but he feels like he is losing to Ki Seon-gyeom (Im Si-wan), the second-ranked player, so every time he gets a chance, he starts a fight and says mean things. But he is actually not so mean and supports Ki Seon-gyeom as an old colleague and sportsman.

A few months before the shooting, Park Sung-joon cut his hair short and focused on track and field practice in order to look like a perfect sprinter. He also spared no effort to have the appearance that suits his role, including weight training and diet control, to match the characteristics of sprinters with his sturdy figure.

Park Sung-joon has made numerous impressive performances in dramas "Chief of Staff - Season 2", "Sweet Munchies", "Graceful Friends" and film "An Honest Candidate" so his next piece of work is definitely looked forward to.

Meanwhile, "Run On" produced by Lee Jae-hoon and written by Park Si-hyun, premieres on the 16th of December at 9:30PM.