[Photo] New Poster Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Snowball"

New poster added for the upcoming Korean movie "Snowball" (2021)


Directed by Lee Woo-jeong

With Bang Minah, Shim Dal-gi, Han Sung-min, Yoon Hye-ri-I,...

Kang-i, So-yeong, and Ah-ram are best friends who go to the same high school. Kang-i appears relatively normal, compared to So-yeong who dreams of becoming a model, or Ah-ram who is unique in her own special way. One day, they decide to run away from home. However, life does not go easy on them. What is more serious are the cracks in their relationship. After their failed attempt to run away, they return home and go back to school only to face more challenges. What had happened to So-yeong and Kang-i later prompts So-yeong to intentionally leave Kang-i out, and the bullying gets worse as time goes by. Ah-ram also has a hard time along the way.

Release date in Korea : 2021/09/01

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