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[Ratings] "The Good Detective - Season 2" Starts Broadcast

"The Good Detective - Season 2" aired its first episode.


According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company on the 31st, JTBC's new weekend drama "The Good Detective - Season 2" which first aired on the 30th, recorded a rating of 3.72% (Ep.1).

This is higher than 2.737% (Ep.1) and 3.015% (Ep.16) recorded in the first and last episodes of the previous drama, "Cleaning Up", but is lower than 3.897% (Ep.1) recorded in the previous season, "The Good Detective", which ended in 2020.

For the other weekend dramas, tvN's "Alchemy of Souls" recorded 6.29% (Ep.13) from 7.091% (Ep.12), and KBS2's "It's Beautiful Now" recorded 24% (Ep.35) from 25.7% (Ep.34).

Both Friday-Saturday dramas had a decrease, MBC's "Big Mouth" recorded 6.1% (Ep.2) from 6.2% (Ep.1), and SBS' "Today's Webtoon" recorded 3.1% (Ep.2) from 4.1% (Ep.1).

Meanwhile, TV CHOSUN's Saturday drama "Becoming Witch" recorded its lowest rating of 1.611% (Ep.6) from 1.658% (Ep.5).

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