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Winners of the 2020 KBS Drama Awards

Presented by Do Kyung-wan, Jo Bo-ah, Lee Sang-yeob and Kim Kang-hoon on December 31, 2020, New Year's Eve, we now present to you the winners of the KBS Drama Awards 2020.

Grand Prize (Daesang)

Cheon Ho-jin - "Once Again"




Top Excellence Award

Lee Min-jung - "Once Again"

Park In-hwan - "Brilliant Heritage"

Jung Bo-suk - "Homemade Love Story"




Excellence Award, Daily Drama

Park Ha-na - "Fatal Promise"

Lee Chae-young - "A Man in a Veil"

Kang Eun-tak - "A Man in a Veil"

Kim Yu-seok - "No Matter What"


Excellence Award, Full-Length Drama

Lee Jung-eun - "Once Again"

Jin Ki-joo - "Homemade Love Story"

Lee Sang-yeob - "Once Again"

Lee Jang-woo - "Homemade Love Story"


Excellence Award, Miniseries

Nana - "Into The Ring"

Cho Yeo-jeong - "Cheat On Me, If You Can"

Park Sung-hoon - "Into The Ring"

Lee Jae-wook - "Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol"




Best Writer

Yang Hee-seung - "Once Again"





Special Lifetime Achievement Award

Late Song Jae-ho




Best Couple Award


Jin Ki-joo & Lee Jang-woo - "Homemade Love Story"

Lee Jang-woo & Jung Bo-suk - "Homemade Love Story"

Nana & Park Sung-hoon - "Into The Ring"

Cho Yeo-jeong & Ko Jun - "Cheat On Me, If You Can"

Jo Bo-ah & Park Hae-jin - "Forest"

Lee Sang-yi & Lee Cho-hee - "Once Again"

Cheon Ho-jin & Lee Jung-eun - "Once Again"

 Lee Min-jung & Lee Sang-yeob - "Once Again"




Newcomer Award

Bona - "Homemade Love Story"

Shin Ye-eun - "Meow, the Secret Boy"

Lee Cho-hee - "Once Again"

Seo Ji-hoon - "To All The Guys Who Loved Me" & "Meow, the Secret Boy"

Lee Sang-yi - "Once Again"




Popularity Award

Jo Bo-ah - "Forest"

Kim Young-dae - "Cheat On Me, If You Can"

Lee Sang-yeob - "Once Again"




Supporting Actors Award, Miniseries

Ye Ji-won - "Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol"

Ahn Kil-kang - "Into The Ring" & "Once Again"


Supporting Actors Award , Full-Length Drama

Kim Sun-young - "Homemade Love Story"

Oh Yoon-ah - "Once Again"

Oh Dae-hwan - "Once Again"




One-act Play and Short Drama Award

Son Sook - "Drama Special - A Jaunt"

Lee Yoo-young - "Drama Special - Traces of Love"

Lee Han-wi - "Drama Special - My Lilac"

Lee Sin-young - "How to Buy a Friend"




Youth Actor Award

Lee Ga-yeon - "Once Again"

Moon Woo-jin - "Once Again"


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