How Kim Tae-hee escaped from being the scapegoat

In the past, Kim Tae-hee's sister worked at Namoo Actors for 2 years. It was a permanent position with insurance. She was helping the managers and her sister who was making 5 billion won a year. There was no reason for anyone to stop the sister from coming into work and helping out.

However, there was a lot of noise about this as there is no case where a celebrity and his or her family worked out well together. There was also the question of how well a blood-related family could be rational when it came to making decisions about work and money matters.

Sometimes even the biggest stars have to yield and even go along with other stars of similar statuses like Song Kang-ho and Sol Kyung-gu, but if family insists on their siblings being the best, then there's no way things can work out well. In the view of the company which needs a continuous line of income, there might be times when they have to send out a rookie with Kim Tae-hee as a package. However, if every time they do they have to ask the permission of the family member, then that's quite an awkward situation.

Kim Tae-hee's sister quit the job and Kim Tae-hee's brother-in-law established a new entertainment company. Kim Tae-hee brought herself out of her former company and despite all the offers around her, had joined hands with family and the only other celebrity there is her brother Lee Wan.

If Kim Tae-hee had stayed with Namoo Actors, she wouldn't be the star of nasty articles saying 'she gets paid 400 million won just for laying there.'

What's a way for her to escape this situation? The only way is for her to rejoin her previous company. If she doesn't want to divide her profits with other celebrities or the company then she can consider the previous contract and that is not being provided with transportation and salons but just paying for media management and work related decisions. This also includes incentives whenever she's satisfied with the company's work.

Currently, Kim Tae-hee's brother-in-law is from the stocks department. He struggles to make the rules fair and contracts equal but he can't do it on his own. It's also obvious that he lacks the ability to bring back work for Kim Tae-hee, but seeing how she's been after "Jang Ok-jeong", he's not as skilled as managers who have a knack for things like this.

The media tour that happens before a drama is broadcasted didn't help before "Yong Pal" either. About 30 media sources went through her after scheduling their appointments and everything was mixed up and had to be rescheduled, but the result was worse than not having done anything at all. All the media got was 10 minutes each and they complained about the order.

Kim Tae-hee must be on the edge of her seat for having chosen a drama that many actresses rejected. If she doesn't do well here then the next thing she does might be at risk. Although it may take some time, the second way to get out of this situation is working on what she does best. Real actresses are born but talent can also be acquired.

Jo In-sung got lessons until he starred in "Something Happened in Bali" and Lee Jung-jae also had his acting coached until "The Thieves" and "The Face Reader". Many producers said they would not live to see the day those actors became true actors but even Hwang Shin-hye did it. Working on areas one needs help in is not a shameful thing at all. On the other hand, believing that looks are everything and not doing a thing about what they are being paid to do is something worth being degraded for.