[Interview] Im Si-wan's First Pictorial Since His Army Discharge

Cosmopolitan released an exclusive pictorial of Im Si-wan for May.

Im Si-wan finished his military service in May and as soon as he did, he created an Instagram account. He claimed he was so grateful for the presents and letters he received from fans while he was there. "I suddenly realized I was taking all their attention and support for granted. I told myself I'd give back what I got. That's kind of why I started Instagram, and to start communicating with fans more". Im Si-wan donated all the salaries he received while he was in service, and he also donated his talents by teaching math to the students at the elementary school his base had a relationship with.

Since before he went off to the army, he wanted to be fit, and he even showed off his abs on set. "I went through a lot to make this body, but this could be the last time. It's so hard I don't even want to make the effort of 'maintaining' it. Some people do it for fun, but what I don't understand the most is 'being addicted to working out'. I could never do it".

Im Si-wan's first comeback drama is "Strangers from Hell", which is based on a webtoon. "When they decided to make this into a drama while I was away, I was told I'd be fit for the role. I thought the webtoon was fun as a reader, but I never thought I'd be playing it". While talking about wannabe actors in service, he said, "One of them said I look like a friendly neighbor who made it all on his own, and that stayed with me in my head. I realized that's what I should strive for". He wants to be an actor who 'smells human'.

Im Si-wan wants to be acting for a long time, commenting, "When work gets tough and I decide this can't go on, I tell myself not to go too far. I tried that in "One Line" and "The Merciless". I still don't know but I have to try".

He says he loves to sing. "I debuted as a singer because I love singing. I go to the noraebang (karaoke room) alone too. I finish up all my time. Even though I don't meet up with the ZE:A - Children of Empire guys all the time, we have a connection".

Meanwhile, Im Si-wan is coming out with "Strangers from Hell" later this year.

The interview of Im Si-wan in Cosmopolitan can be seen in the May issue of the magazine or the websites.