Kim Mu-yeol and Yoon Seung-ah getting married


While Kim Mu-yeol and Yoon Seung-ah are getting married, Cho Jung-seok and Group Eight's Lee Hyeon-I are blessing their marriage by singing.

Their wedding is being held in private on the 4th. Kim Mu-yeol's best friend Cho Jung-seok will be hosting the wedding and Lee Hyeon-I will be singing. The couple has recently been to Europe for their wedding pictorial and honeymoon.

The couple's sources claim that the wedding will be held without a photo wall or press conference and both parents are to attend.

Kim Mu-yeol debuted in 2002 with a musical. He continued to star in various musicals and made it into the drama biz in 2007. He starred in "Iljimae", "Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon" and more.

Yoon Seung-ah debuted in 2006 with Alex's music video. She then continued to star in dramas "Hero - Drama", "Naughty Kiss", "The Sun and the Moon" and in the movie "The Deal" which came out last month.