Korean movies opening today 2011/11/17 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2011/11/17 in Korea "Secrets, Objects", "Perfect Partner", "Ryang-kang-do: Merry Christmas, North!", documentaries "Dancing Cat" and "The Forgotten Bag", "Characters" and "An Uninvited Guest"

"Secrets, Objects" (2011)

Directed by Lee Young-mi

With Jang Seo-hee, Jung Suk-won, Lee Pil-mo, Shim Yi-young, Yoon Da-kyung, Park Hee-jin,...

Previously known as "Secrets of Matter" on HanCinema
A woman in her mid 30s, Jang Seo-hee, falls in love with an attractive young man.

"Perfect Partner" (2011)

Directed by Park Heon-soo

With Kim Young-ho, Kim Hye-sun, Kim San-ho, Yoon Chae-yi, Kim Jung-tae, Ha Il-soo,...

A movie about a middle aged woman falling in love with a younger man, played by Kim Young-ho, Kim Hye-sun and Kim San-ho.

"Ryang-kang-do: Merry Christmas, North!" (2011)

Directed by Jeong Seong-san, Kim Seong-hoon-II

With Kim Hwan-young, Joo Hye-ri, Sin Min-gyoo, Lee Choong-hoon, Yoo Yoon-sang, Park Eun-bin-I,...

Ryang Kang Do, Sam Ji Yeon Gun, Bo Cheon Ri. In this village live poor Jong-soo and Jong-seong with their widowed mother. Jong-soo is fourth grade the Bocheon-bo In-min school and is very cheerful and adult-like. His dream is to go to Pyeongyang. However, despite his activeness, Jong-soo despairs at the fact that children with an unfavorable appearence like him can't enter Pyeongyang.

Having decided he will go to Pyeongyang, he strikes a bonanza. He picks up an ad balloon that came from Seoul to North Korea last Christmas. The children who saw Jong-soo's present go crazy at the santa outfit and robot, and pack a bunch of their stuff and all gather in Jong-soo's house. Even Jong-soo's brother Jong-seong who was in the hospital for malnutrition seems to be getting better with the appearence of the robot. The children who are wearing the santa outfit become a speciality. All the jealous children start begging their mothers for the same kind of robot...

"Dancing Cat" (2011)

Directed by Yun Ki-hyoung

With Lee Yong-han, Yun Ki-hyoung,...

A poet Lee Yonghan happens to see a street cat in his neighborhood and gets interested in the cats. Since cats are a territorial animal, he meets them on the street very often. He takes pictures of their daily lives, and keeps their record in the pictures. He also calls the cats 'Blacat', 'Snomeow' and so on. His record is published as a book titled ""Hello, thanks cats"". I, a TV commercial director bump into his book at local library, and become interested in street cats. In my neighborhood, there are lots of street cats.
I take pictures of their daily routines. I name the ones I am familiar with 'Sleepuss', 'Beauttie', 'Naughty', etc. I even feed them with water and catfood; I feel changed.
Lee Yonghan takes one of the street cats to his house as he moves to Yangpyeong. And he meets a new cat there. As I take pictures of them, I notice unexpectedly many villagers take care of street cats, and I interview them.

"The Forgotten Bag" (2009)

Directed by Kim Sang-cheol

With Kwon Oh-jung, Lee Hyun-woo-I,...

It seems I must find this bag...
Kwon Oh-jung hears the story of the "forgotten bag" through a pastor. A bag that has been in underground storage of a missions group in England for at least 70 years.
He is curious about what is in the bag that missionaries leave behind as they go to their field. Why haven't they taken their bags yet? Where have they gone? What happened in the mission field? Who are they? Can I open it once? He also brings his close friend Lee Hyun-woo-I into it. Hyeon-woo is curious too... Don't you want to open it? It's a bag that has been left without an owner. Finally, the two follow the bag and leave on an unforgettable journey.

But they can't find the lost bag, and the incidents never stop. They get robbed, their passports are stolen, they leave their camera, and people refuse to film... And they go to northern Ireland to meet an old female missionary who loves speed driving. They almost died and left the lost bag behind!

They canceled all schedules and flew to the bag, but where has the bag gone?

Is this really God's will? There are too many people you can't understand in the world.
While evangelizing in Guinea Bissau, missionary Lee In-eung loses his daughter to the Africans. But he uses the crayons his daughter loved to draw the faces of the Africans, to forgive, and to love them. Oh-jung is touched by this story. Fortunately, an art exhibit of missionary Lee In-eung, the 2009 Underwood Award winner, and Oh-jung and Hyeon-woo attend. They meet the missionary and his wife. Hyeon-woo cannot understand. If the missionary went to serve God, why would God let this horrible thing happen to him? And these people continue to serve at Guinea Bissau?

Their journey continues until they find The Forgotten Bag.
Their trip becomes more complicated. Australia, England, northern Ireland, South Africa, Senegal, Uganda, Congo, Gambia, Guinea Bissau! They come back to Africa and wonder why they are there. Still, they continue to go to an unknown place, and they meet people who had been in pictures...

"Characters" (2011)

Directed by Son Kwang-Ju

With Soo Hyun, Ha Min, Lee Hwan, Hwang Eun-soo, Min Kyung-jin, Lee Eung-jae,...

A once-emerging writer, Soo-Yeon is now making a living by working as an assistant scriptwriter for a great box-office hit maker, Moh. Despite repeating cheesy stories full of stereotypical characters, Moh wants to constantly believe his film to have something new and to be based on the reality. That makes Moh as well as Soo-Yeon feel exhausted. Soo-Yeon carefully dreams to emancipate characters from story, but she realizes that her dream is only treated as a 'feminine' vanity in reality.

Clever and moving play with double mirrors. A melancholy female scriptwriter is working with a narcissistic director on a new script. A personal ode to ambition and perseverance in the creative process, but also an ironic deconstruction of the vain laziness with which scripts are often made. - IFFRotterdam

2011 Jeonju International Film Festival (KR)
2011 Festival International Films de Femmes de Créteil (FR)
2011 International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL)
2009 KOFIC Independent Film Production Support

"An Uninvited Guest" (2010)

Directed by Lee Sang-hwa

With Shin Yi, Hwang Seon-hwan, Kim Han-kyu, Kim Tae-jung,...

Previously known as "Gate-crasher" (불청객, Bool-cheong-gaek)
A strange man comes into a house with only the wife. He says he'll leave after a shower and a meal, but his actions are exactly like the husband's. What has happened? He says that he learned everything from a friend he knows...

A woman who is taking rice cakes around is held hostage with the wife. The man gets drunk and reveals the truth about her husband. The wife feels more scared about her husband now... Ji-min returns home and is angry and appeals that he is not a friend that he knows. He wants to kill the strange man...