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He Who Can't Marry (결혼못하는남자)

결혼못하는남자 (Kyeol-hoon-mot-ha-neun-nam-ja)

Directed by Kim Jeong-gyoo (김정규)

Screenplay by

Romantic comedy Drama

KBS | Airing dates :

Mon, Tue 21:55 - 16 episodes
“Love story of an extremely stubborn and absolutely inflexible 40-year-old bachelor.”

Here is a man who just turned forty.
He has his own architectural company and you can find some fine architectures if you google his name. Just by looking at his good appearance or his job, it would be hard to believe that he is not married yet. However….

Here is a man who doesn’t know how to communicate with other people. He is obstinate and never thought of living together with somebody.

One day, he comes across a lady doctor who is quite similar to himself. After that day, he feels like to talk to her and rely upon her. Slowly, he starts to change. He becomes intimate with the dog next door, starts to meddle in another´s affairs, and realizes the preciousness of people around him.

Would he be able to get married after all? If he gets married, who would be good for him? And how is he going to propose?


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He Who Can't Marry | News

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  • International Remake Dramas! J-drama vs K-drama

    2017/04/30, Source
    I am a TV junkie, and my main TV shows are Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, and US/UK TV series. As much as I love my Korean dramas, I am also diligent in catching up with my Japanese dramas. They are both Asian, but there's definitely a different vibe between the two,...More
  • [HanCinema's Actor Spotlight] Uhm Jung-hwa

    Juggling two careers is a common occurrence for actors in South Korea, but it is also one which comes under fire often. Those who have a career in singing or modeling have a lot more to prove in terms of dedications and skills when they make the jump to acting. Uhm Jung-hwa is one of the bright examples of simultaneously handling two careers and being active in many more ways with efficiency in each field. Both in choices and performances, she is a star,...More
  • Actress Jeon Hye-Bin

    2012/02/25, Source
    South Korean actress Jeon Hye-bin is seen trying a baseball in Seoul. She is also a singer known as BIN. She was born on Sept. 27, 1983,...More
  • Yoo Ah-in: 'I Can Do Everything in Front of Camera'

    2011/10/17, Source
    Actor Yoo Ah-in, who played the protagonist named Wan Deuk in the movie "Punch", said during an interview on October 13, "There are things that I have to give up simply because I am an actor, but I can do everything and I can give up everything in front of a camera while filming. I do not feel scared even though I am actually a timid person. I can even die as an actor". He looked very serious while saying, "Attitude and viewpoint are important".,...More
  • Jung Il-woo and Kim So-eun promotion ambassadors for Jeonju movie festival

    2011/03/06, Source
    Actor Jung Il-woo and actress Kim So-eun have been chosen as promoters for the 12th Jeonju International Film Festival, says the executive office. Jung Il-woo has starred in TV sitcom, "High Kick!" and other dramas like "Iljimae Returns - Moon River" and "My Fair Lady" as well as movie "My Love" and is looking forward to come back with drama "49 Days".,...More
  • Actor Ji Jin-hee receives warm welcome in Hong Kong

    2010/12/14, Source
    Actor Ji Jin-hee in Hong Kong from December 11 to 13 [N.O.A. Entertainment] Korean actor Ji Jin-hee received a warm welcome from fans in Hong Kong over the weekend, according to his agency N.O.A. Entertainment. N.O.A. stated through its press release Tuesday that Ji, who went on a promotional tour to Hong Kong to promote historical drama "Dong Yi", received a hearty welcome from both drama fans and the press during his stay from December 11 to 13,...More
  • Ji Jin-hee to visit Hong Kong to promote "Dong Yi"

    2010/12/10, Source
    Actor Ji Jin-hee [N.O.A Entertainment] Korean actor Ji Jin-hee will visit Hong Kong over the weekend to promote historical drama "Dong Yi", according to his agency N.O.A. Entertainment on Friday. N.O.A. announced in a press release that the actor and his co-star Han Hyo-joo from the series will visit Hong Kong from December 11 to 13 to promote "Dong Yi", a 60-part historical drama which has gone on air during the prime time slot of cable channel i-CABLE starting mid-November,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Actor Yoo Ah-in - Part 1

    2010/11/12, Source
    Actor Yoo Ah-in [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] Actor Yoo Ah-in has played a variety of roles, particularly of characters in their youths from different walks of life starting with the sweet high schooler in KBS TV series "Sharp" to the lost teenager in film "Boys of Tomorrow" to the lonely warrior in KBS' "Mighty Chil-woo" to the energetic patissier aspirant in film "Antique" and the 'guy these days' in KBS' "He Who Can't Marry". Then most recently, he was Moon Jae-shin in KBS drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" who was the outsider of royal academy SungKyunKwan, a fighter who resists corrupt society, and a romantist who watched the woman he loves from afar -- the very symbol of youths experiencing growing pains. Yoo is 24 now and has grown a beard on his tanned face but whenever he smiles, he goes back to being the fair-complexioned boy whom viewers first saw on screen seven years ago. 10Asia met with the actor who came up with his own stage name Ah-in, meaning 'ein' in German, to constantly remind himself that he is a unique being in this world. It was not easy keeping up with the numerous ideas existing within the young man but it was definitely worth hearing. 10: You wrapped up filming of "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" on the day it ended its run. How have you spent the past few days? I think you must've been busy doing everything you hadn't been able to recently. Yoo Ah-in: I've been drinking the whole time since I don't have to work at night. (laugh) But no matter till how late I drink, I've been waking up early because it's become a habit from filming "Sungkyunkwan Scandal". It makes me angry. (laugh) I actually get drunk pretty easily, maybe off half a bottle of soju [Korean vodka]? And I stay that way until I pass out. But I can't pull all-nighters anymore. I go home at around two or three in the morning. Why am I talking about drinking?,...More
  • Ji Jin-hee to visit Taiwan to promote drama "Dong Yi"

    2010/11/10, Source
    Actor Ji Jin-hee [N.O.A Entertainment] Korean actor Ji Jin-hee will leave for Taiwan next week to promote historical drama "Dong Yi", the latest TV series he starred in, according to his agency N.O.A. Entertainment on Wednesday. N.O.A. announced in a press release that the actor will visit Taiwan from November 14 to 16 to promote "Dong Yi", a 60-part historical drama which will air on Taiwan's GTV starting November 15 at 9 p.m,...More
  • [ChanMi's drama news] "My Girl friend is an Agent" made into a drama!

    2010/06/03, Source
    Kang Ji-hwan and Kim Ha-neul were in the film, "My Girlfriend is an Agent" and it will be made into a drama! This drama is being made currently by the same company that made "He Who Can't Marry" and "Time Between Dog and Wolf - Drama". This drama screenwriter, Cheon Seong-il is the same as t,...More
  • Ji Jin-hee says "happy to break stereotype" as a king

    2010/05/07, Source
    Joint press interview with the cast of MBC TV series "Dong Yi" Korean actor Ji Jin-hee on the set of TV series "Dong Yi" [MBC]  Ji Jin-hee says he is "happy to break stereotype" playing a king The introduction of the "adorable King Sook-jong" was a landmark event for MBC TV series "Dong Yi" and the history of traditional dramas on the small screen. King Sook-jong is shown as a king who showers his royal blessings upon his servant court ladies with a bright smile, and one who runs around freely when he goes outside the palace walls for the first time. While the new character might have been born from director Lee Byeong-hoon's reinterpretation and writer Kim I-yeong's script, it was actor Ji Jin-hee who completed the transformation. We met the actor, who is showing new potential as a comic actor through KBS TV series "He Who Can't Marry" and film "Runaway from Home", at the joint press interview held May 6 on the Yong-in set of "Dong Yi",...More
  • Kim So-eun's Song Picks

    2010/04/28, Source
    Actress Kim So-eun [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] They say a picture is worth a thousand words but one's voice sometimes has power beyond what one sees. That is why Kim So-eun stands out amongst all the numerous girls that have cheeks as rosy as peaches. Her slightly low tone of voice which is in contrast to her bubbly appearance, discerns her as an actress of good conduct yet one with determination. What stood out more than the dignity cast on her small face or the tears that wet her cheeks was the reverberation and depth of her voice in KBS drama "The Iron Empress" and in "Boys over Flowers", "He Who Can't Marry" and "Good Days when the Wind Blows", her voice once again did not go unnoticed,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Lim Ho's wedding march in March 6th!

    2010/02/19, Source
    Actor Lim Ho will be wed this March 6th! Lim Ho will marry 11 year younger lady who is an accessory designer! The two have met last 2008 through a mutual friend and have been in a relationship for a year. The fiancee was born in 1981 and graduated an art school currently working in a jewlery company as a designer. Their wedding pictures have been released for al,...More
  • Ji Jin-hee: 'I Don't Regret a Thing'

    2010/02/10, Source
    In the beginning of the new film "Parallel Life", the image of character Kim Suk-hyun, who is the youngest chief prosecuting attorney in Korea, is fairly similar to actor Ji-Jin-hee's when it comes to integrity. On the one hand, Kim is a hard-headed attorney who absolutely believes in his judgments based on the available evidence, but on the other hand, he is an attentive and loving father when he spends time with his family. Ji has given viewers the impression of gentleness and integrity principally through the character Min Jung-ho in the drama "Dae Jang Geum", and as an exclusive model for a bank advertisement, though he has played diverse characters, including funny and charismatic ones, in TV dramas and movies up to now.,...More
  • Lee Byung-hun scores triple wins at KBS Acting Awards

    2010/01/04, Source
    Korean actor Lee Byung-hun at 2009 KBS Acting Awards [KBS] Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun won three awards -- including the grand prize -- at the 2009 KBS Acting Awards, held at KBS Open Hall on December 31. Lee was awarded the top acting prize of the year for his role in blockbuster drama "IRIS" and also won the Best Couple and Netizens' Choice awards. "I started acting at KBS", said the actor in his acceptance speech. "When I had just debuted at KBS I heard about the acting awards.. I wondered if I would ever be able to go up on that stage. The very next year, I won the Best New Actor award". He went on to say, "And now I've won Grand Prize on this stage. I'm very touched". He thanked the staff, actress Su-ae who -- believing Lee would win -- sent him a congratulatory text message in advance and his mother.,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Kim So-eun, now a grown lady!

    2009/11/22, Source
    Actress Kim So-eun's most current pictures have been shown online! She has legally become an adult as she turned 20 and looks like a lady. The same Kim So-eun from "Boys over Flowers" has changed into a more mature lady! Many fans are waiting forher return in dramas after her most recent, "He Who Can't Marry",...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Uhm Jung-hwa on a vacation!

    2009/08/14, Source
    Uhm Jeong-hwa is taking a break this summer! She seems like she is enjoying her time after the end of her drama, "He Who Can't Marry". Where do you think she ? We cannot tell.,...More
  • Male Actors Try New Roles in TV Dramas
    2009/07/02, Source
    One of the viewers of the KBS TV2 drama "He Who Can't Marry" has recently written that she was surprised by its main male character, Cho Jae-hee, who is played by actor,...More
  • 'He Who Can't Marry' Begins Amid High Expectations

    2009/06/19, Source
    The much-anticipated KBS2 drama series based on the Japanese program with the same title has finally begun on June 15. The first episode of ",...More
  • [ChanMi's drama news] New drama stars Uhm Jeong-hwa and Kim So-eun

    2009/06/09, Source
    Uhm Jung-hwa returns to a drama with Kim So-eun through a new drama, "He Who Can't Marry". Uhm takes on a role of Jang Moon-yeong, a woman who prefers passionate love rather than a blind date. Kim So-eun takes on a role of Jeong Yoo-jin, a strong willed wise young lady with a beauty who dreams of a prince charming on a white horse!,...More
  • [ChanMi's drama news] Kim So-eun in a new drama!

    2009/05/07, Source
    Kim So-eun is taking a new role in the drama, "He Who Can't Marry" costarring with Ji Jin-hee and Uhm Jung-hwa! This is a comedy drama that is originally a Japanese drama by Abe Hiroshi! So-eun will be a career woman of 20s who has a bright and fresh character. Doesn't she look so happy?,...More

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 Produced by
 Yoon Shin-ae (윤신애)
Technical Information
70 min HD 16/9
Web site
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Airing dates : 2009/06/15~2009/08/04

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The storyline is pretty simple but still worth to watch. Jin Ji Hee’s acting is awesome,he's so stuck Up and that’s the charming part. Kim So Eun, she’s so cute and cuter in BOF. She really can act. learnt something from this drama; Try not to change
2010-04-23 12:00:23
2009-08-08 07:16:50
i don't really like the ending, i thought they'd get married. and the story about yoo jin & hyun kyu wasn't told. but so far, i like the story. it was sooooo hilarious and funny. always made me laughing. lol
You're right, It's interesting almost right from the start, the style of the drama is different.
2009-07-28 10:39:08
2009-07-27 18:15:58
just watched ep 1 last nite, very interesting drama right from the very first minute of the show, good job Ji Jin Hee
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He Who Can't Marry (결혼못하는남자)

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