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The Secret of Keu Keu Island (크크섬의 비밀)

크크섬의 비밀 (Keu-keu-seom-eui Bi-mil)

Directed by Kim Yeong-gi (김영기)

Screenplay by ,

Adventure Comedy Thriller

MBC | Airing dates :

40 episodes

Alternative titles : "The Secret of Coocoo Island", "The Secret of Ke Ke Island"


Just like the stars scattered across the sky, along the clear blue waters of the Western Sea, there exists countless small deserted islands. “The Secret of Coocoo Island” is about employees of a small shopping company who are stranded on one of these deserted islands for 180 days, and their exciting and emotional struggle to survive!

Over the weekend, ten employees of a shopping company sail on a boat to deliver goods to islanders for charity. Tragedy strikes when the boat gets into an accident, and when the employees awake, they find themselves stranded on a deserted island. Since all of them were drunk prior to the accident, nobody can clearly recall how the incident occurred or how they managed to end up on the barren island. To make matters worse, Assistant Manager Lee and Manager Yum are nowhere to be found.


Director Kim / Kim Seon-kyeong
- Female in her early 40s, Director of the Purchasing Department
As a spinster, all she cares about is her work. She is stubborn and rigid, and never tolerates any mistakes. Although she is the Director, her actual influence in the company almost matches that of the CEO. Rumor has it that she will soon be promoted to the Chief Director position.
She presents herself as a flawless businesswoman with her sleek horn-rimmed glasses and sharply ironed clothes. To male managers and directors, she is considered a threat. To female employees, she is the object of envy.
She faces the biggest challenge of her life after being thrown on the deserted island. With her powerful personality, she positions herself as the leader and “queen bee” of the group.

Manager Shin / Sin Seong-woo
- Male in his late 30s, Manager of the Purchasing Department
He gained his title of Manager through his connection of being the cousin of the CEO’s brother’s friend.
Although he entered the company through connections, the CEO is too busy to protect him, and Manager Kim who joined the company before him finds great joy in giving him a hard time. Therefore, all things considered, his position in the company is far from stable.
Since he has never worked in an office before, he is unfamiliar with the concept of teamwork, and he is not sharp with the work itself. Life as a salary man is especially difficult because Manager Kim nitpicks everything he does.
However, his ability to adjust to his surroundings on the deserted island takes everybody by surprise. Most of all, he even surprises himself in the discoveries of his competence and skills in this fight against nature.

Shim Hyung-tak / Sim Hyeong-tak
- Male in his early 30s
As a son from a wealthy family that owns several luxurious buildings in the upscale Gamgnam area, he wears nothing but designer brands and drives his fancy imported car to work everyday.
He’s a straight shooter who always draws a clear line between black and white. His pure and innocent heart, however, is his biggest charm. Just a day prior to leaving for the island to do charity work, he passes out his wedding invitation to his coworkers. But who would have ever guessed that he would be stuck here on a deserted island just ten days before his wedding?

Lee Da-hee / Lee Da-hee
- Female in her mid 20s, joined the company the same time as Shim Hyung-tak
She’s a chic, city girl who can be snobby at times.
She definitely knows the game of love, and she’s a firm believer that a girl has to play hard-to-get to be more desirable to guys. She was born and raised in Seoul. The only country life she’s ever experienced was from her travels to fancy inns or luxurious condominiums. As this city girl lands on the island, the inconvenience and isolation begins to drive her crazy.

Episode Guide

Episode 1
They’re coming to rock you in the summer of 2008. A new, refreshing sitcom that nobody has seen the likes of before. The first episode of the “Secret of Coocoo Island!”
Mr. Shin wakes up as usual for another day at work. But he is surprised to see where he is. Instead of lying down on his bed, Mr. Shin finds himself flat on his back in a forest. Shocked to see his strange surroundings, Mr. Shin races through the forest and reaches a sandy beach where he discovers people slumped over on the ground...
What has befallen on these people?

Episode 2
After regaining their consciousness, the people try to remember what happened to them. They piece together the events that happened the day before when they were riding in Captain Lee’s old boat. But without any memory of what happened after that, they come to the conclusion that they got shipwrecked along the way and drifted ashore to the uninhabited island. Fortunately, they can make out the mainland in the distance...
Mr. Kim, Mr. Yoon, and Hyung-tak look for Mr. Lee and Mr. Yeom who are missing and they try to recall what went on the day before. They are filled with questions on how they got shipwrecked without having any recollections of it. They find it hard to believe that the entire group blacked out after having some drinks. They also recall Captain Lee’s suspicious behavior and the black coffin on the deck... All of a sudden, they see the same black coffin along the shores wedged between two rocks and it brings a chill down their spines.

Episode 3
With only a few cigarettes left in his pocket, Mr. Kim suggests to Mr. Yoon that they play a coin game and wager their cigarettes instead of money but Mr. Yoon decides to follow Min-young when she heads to the beach to get a sun tan. When Mr. Kim sees Mr. Shin, he proposes that they play the same coin game and place down their bets with cigarettes instead of money...
Meanwhile, Hyung-tak discovers an old rope hanging from a tree. But Da-hee, who was drunk, touches the rope accidentally and it sets off a trap that leaves Hyung-tak, Da-hee, and Min-young hanging from the tree...

Episode 4
Mr. Kim and Mr. Yoon are punished for stealing the limited food supply that the stranded group have and are forced to dig an outhouse. When Shi-hoo sees the two men digging a hole for the outhouse, he tells them that they’re digging in the wrong place and then leaves...
Meanwhile, Mr. Kim and Hyung-tak discover a box that washed ashore. Even though Hyung-tak warns him to be careful, Mr. Shin decides to blow into the object that was found inside the box...

Episode 5
The people on the island search for the unidentified being that appeared in the outhouse. Stricken with fear, Mr. Kim remains behind with Shi-hoo at the camp while the others split off into two search parties and comb the island. Ms. Kim trips over a rock while searching the island and takes a bad fall. Her pants are ripped and she sprains both of her feet. Mr. Kim carries her on his back, which puts her in an awkward situation...

Episode 6
The people bury Mr. Yeom’s body in a sunny spot on a hill. Mr. Yoon and Hyung-tak decide to investigate the cause of Mr. Yeom’s death and they trace a straight path from where they were lying on the beach to the spot in the forest where Mr. Yeom’s body was found...
Meanwhile, when Mr. Kim sees a goat tied to a post in a field, a light bulb goes off in his head and he starts to prepare something.

Episode 7
Hyung-tak and Mr. Yoon hear the vibrating sound of a cell-phone in the forest. They think it must be Mr. Yeom’s cell-phone and they start searching for it everywhere but they fail to find it...
Mr. Yoon tries to scare Da-hee with goat dung but somehow he falls on top of her and the two of them find themselves lying down in an indecent position. When Min-young sees them, she starts snapping photos and Mr. Kim teases them by saying they shouldn’t hide their love...

Episode 8
When the men find out that Shi-hoo had been in cahoots with someone and had tricked them all along, they get furious and start looking for him.
Meanwhile, Jung-min reports the disappearance of the purchasing division employees to the police... Detective Lee of the Deokjeok Precinct goes to Seoul to investigate....

Episode 9
Mr. Kim gets enraged when he sees the evaluation report that Shi-hoo wrote where he gave Mr. Kim a score of ?580 out of a perfect score of 100 and recommended that he be fired because he poisons the atmosphere in the group... Mr. Shin is overjoyed to see that Shi-hoo gave him a score of 210 points.
Green with envy, Mr. Kim sarcastically tells Mr. Shin to take over the purchasing division together since they’re the only two people who got their jobs through connections...

Episode 10
Ms. Kim orders everyone to form small groups and draw a map of the island. Mr. Kim and Mr. Shin slip away and have a fun time of dancing but then Ms. Kim discovers them and berates them for being lazy. They recoil in fear.
Meanwhile, Mr. Yoon sticks out his foot to trip Da-hee but Hyung-tak intervenes by putting his foot in front of Mr. Yoon’s leg. This starts to make Mr. Yoon suspicious of Hyung-tak’s motives and he recalls all the times when Hyung-tak stopped him from playing a prank on Da-hee...

Episode 11
The goat that was supposedly tied to a post suddenly appears in front of Ms. Kim and Min-young before quickly disappearing. Then Hyung-tak finds his lost sunglasses. As these strange events keep occurring, the people start to suspect that there is someone else living on the island besides them. Shi-hoo tells the group that he’ll build a weapon to defend them...

Episode 12
Hearing Min-young tell him that Da-hee went up the hill, Mr. Yoon runs towards the same hill in a hurry. As Mr. Yoon gets closer to Da-hee, he sees Hyung-tak with her and ducks behind the grass... He then overhears their conversation...

Episode 13
When Mr. Yoon learns that he won the lottery, he cannot contain his joy. Mr. Yoon buries his winning lottery ticket in a safe spot next to Mr. Yeom’s grave and dreams of driving a luxury car after quitting his job...

Episode 14
Ms. Kim looks at the handsome and warm-hearted Mr. Shin and sighs as she thinks how nice it would be if he could also be an able employee. Ms. Kim calls Mr. Shin and trains him on how to do his job as a senior manager in the purchasing division...

Episode 15
When Da-hee tells Ms. Kim that they should free Shi-hoo, Ms. Kim gives the order to free him the next day. But while Shi-hoo was untied when he had to use the outhouse, he runs away and Hyung-tak’s sunglasses go missing again... The people suspect that Shi-hoo stole the sunglasses and change their minds about freeing him...

Episode 16
When the men search for Shi-hoo who was on the run, they smell ramen and start wandering the forest to find it. When Shi-hoo finishes eating the ramen, the scent of ramen dissipates and the men are disappointed. They decide to wait until Shi-hoo cooks something else to eat...

Episode 17
When Min-young nags Mr. Kim to wash his underwear, he takes a look at his underwear and is shocked at what he sees. Mr. Kim asks Hyung-tak to lend him his underwear but Hyung-tak makes up excuses because he doesn’t want to lend it to him...

Episode 18
While being carried on Mr. Shin’s back, Ms. Kim is in a cheery mood as she sweeps the roof. Mr. Kim spots the two from afar and can’t believe Ms. Kim’s reaction. He begins to suspect that Ms. Kim might be in love with Mr. Shin...
Episode 19
After leaving the group, Mr. Shin looks for Shi-hoo to ask him to join them. Meanwhile, Mr. Kim starts sharpening a knife because he wants to eat the goat. Ms. Kim and Mr. Kim get into a tussle as Ms. Kim tries to prevent him from killing the goat and Min-young unties the goat to let it loose.

Episode 20
Mr. Yoon learns that a lottery winner has to claim the prize within 180 days from the day the winning numbers are announced and he realizes that he only has a month left until he can claim his winnings. He gets very nervous about his chances of never claiming his lottery winnings. Meanwhile, Shi-hoo notices a necklace that Da-hee left in a certain place on purpose for him to see. So he reaches Da-hee and tells her that he is with Mr. Shin.

Episode 21
When Mr. Shin and Shi-hoo hear Da-hee’s screams, they rush towards her and see a large wild boar pass by, which scares the daylights out of them. Worried about Hyung-tak’s safety, Da-hee climbs down from the tree and Mr. Shin follows her. Shi-hoo finds Hyung-tak lying on the ground after the boar brushed by him and tries to help him up but Hyung-tak collapses...

Episode 22
Although Shi-hoo found a wild ginseng, he cannot dig it up because it is in a spot out of his reach. When Mr. Shin hears this, he gets excited and asks him where he saw the wild ginseng. Meanwhile, Mr. Yoon searches frantically for his lost lottery ticket and he sees it hanging precariously on the edge of a cliff...


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30 min HD 16/9
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Airing dates : 2008/07/21~2008/10/03

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The Secret of Keu Keu Island (크크섬의 비밀)

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