Kwon Hyuk to Join "My Healing Love"

Kwon Hyuk is joinging the new MBC weekend drama "My Healing Love".


"My Healing Love" is a family drama about a wonder woman who never wanted to be a kind daughter, a daughter-in-law or a wife but was severely sacrificed by her family.

So Yu-jin, Yeon Jung-hoon, Yoon Jong-hoon, Ban Hyo-jung and Kim Chang-wan have already been cast and now Kwon Hyuk joins them.

Kwon Hyuk starred in movies "The King", "The Handmaiden" and "A Violent Prosecutor" and also in dramas "Money Flower", "Misty", "Suits" and more recently, "The Great Seducer", "Mr. Sunshine" as well as "The Goodbye Has Left".

Meanwhile, "My Healing Love" begins on the 14th.