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Winners of the 2021 KBS Drama Awards

Presented by Lee Do-hyun, Kim So-hyun and Sung Si-kyung on December 31, 2021, New Year's Eve, we now present to you the winners of the KBS Drama Awards 2021.

Grand Prize (Daesang)

Ji Hyun-woo - "Young Lady and Gentleman"




Top Excellence Award

Kim So-hyun - "River Where the Moon Rises"

Park Eun-bin - "The King's Affection"

Cha Tae-hyun - "Police University"

Lee Do-hyun - "Youth of May"




Excellence Award, Daily Drama

So Yi-hyun - "Red Shoes"

Han Da-gam - "The All-Round Wife"

Ryu Jin - "Be My Dream Family"


Excellence Award, Full-Length Drama

Park Ha-na - "Young Lady and Gentleman"

Hong Eun-hee - "Revolutionary Sisters"

Yoon Joo-sang - "Revolutionary Sisters"


Excellence Award, Miniseries

Go Min-si - "Youth of May"

Kwon Nara - "Royal Secret Agent"

Kim Min-jae-I - "Dali and Cocky Prince"

Jung Yong-hwa - "Sell Your Haunted House"




Best Writer

Director Shin Chang-seok for Kim Sa-kyeong

Kim Sa-kyeong - "Young Lady and Gentleman"




Best Couple Award

Na In-woo 💖 Kim So-hyun - "River Where the Moon Rises"

Kim Yohan 💖 Cho Yi-hyun"School 2021"

Kim Min-jae-I 💖 Park Gyu-young"Dali and Cocky Prince"

Rowoon 💖 Park Eun-bin - "The King's Affection"

Lee Do-hyun 💖 Go Min-si - "Youth of May"

Ji Hyun-woo 💖 Lee Se-hee - "Young Lady and Gentleman"

Cha Tae-hyun 💖 Jin Young - "Police University"




Newcomer Award

Lee Se-hee - "Young Lady and Gentleman"

Park Gyu-young - "Dali and Cocky Prince"

Jung Soo-jung - "Police University"

Kim Yohan - "School 2021"

Na In-woo - "River Where the Moon Rises"

Rowoon - "The King's Affection"




Popularity Award

Kim So-hyun - "River Where the Moon Rises"

Park Eun-bin - "The King's Affection"

Rowoon - "The King's Affection"

Jin Young - "Police University"




Supporting Actors Award 

Keum Sae-rok - "Youth of May"

Ham Eun-jung - "Be My Dream Family"

Lee Yi-kyung - "Royal Secret Agent"

Choi Dae-chul"Revolutionary Sisters"




Drama Special & TV Cinema Award

Kim Sae-ron - "Drama Special 2021 - The Palace"

Jeon So-min - "Drama Special 2021 - Hee-soo"

Park Sung-hoon - "Drama Special 2021 - Hee-soo"




Youth Actor Award

Choi Myung-bin - "The King's Affection" & "Young Lady and Gentleman"

Lee Re - "Hello, Me!"

Seo Woo-jin-I - "Young Lady and Gentleman"

Cho Yi-hyun - "Youth of May"



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